Publicidade Institucional

Publicidade Institucional: putas everywhere (não é a casa dos segredos, não)

sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

Disto não fazem eles covers!

wake up in the morning feelin' like der fuhrer
write mein kampf, tell germany i'm gunna make race purer
before i leave, fuck my niece, with eva brown too
cuz when i leave for mein reich, i'm gunna kill some jews

i'm talkin
taking off all their clothes clothes
gassin' them 'til they choke choke
thrownin 'em in some stoves stoves

goose steppin
right into your cities
spreading the nazi party
tryin to take over your countrryyy

dont stop, make em drop!
nazis blow your cities up!
tonight, they gunna fight
'til you give into the reich.

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