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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009


You: i had a redbull a while ago
You: i think its kicking in...
Stranger: same
You: either that or the morphin..
You: i was hit by a car two days ago.. :x
Stranger: holy shit
You: the mthrfkr didnt stop on the red light
Stranger: fuuuuuuck
You: i'm one arm and leg lighter..
Stranger: what?
You: i just have one arm and one leg now
You: the car hit me
You: threw me in the air
You: and then ran me over
Stranger: fuuuck uu serious
You: seriously
Stranger: shitt
You: i'm lucky to be alive..
You: i mean
You: i was dead for a few seconds..
Stranger: crap
You: saw michael jackson saying hi for a moment..
You: that was even more frightening than the car hitting me.. oO
Stranger: lol
Stranger: dnt wanna b mean or anything but is this some sorta joke
You: no, seriously
Stranger: so wat is ur asl?
You: 16, f, fin
You: and u ?
Stranger: 16 f aus
You: how'bout u ? still intact ?
Stranger: yer i'm still intact
You: lucky fellow :\
You: i was at my best..
You: i was doing athletics.. was going to the olimpic games.. :\
Stranger: bit hungover tho
You: why ?
You: too much redbull ?
You: or morphin.. ?
Stranger: got pissed last nite PARTY
You: that reminds me of last week
You: went to the best party of my life
You: had sex with my boyfriend for the first tim
You: time*
You: now he left me cuz i have only 1 arm and leg..
You: and now i cant go to partys..
Stranger: crap that sux
Stranger: shit ur makin me wanna cry
You: it sucks ? worse than that..
You: i feel like killing myself
You: but i'm a lefty
You: and my left arm's gone!
Stranger: shittttttt
You: yup
You: and i played the piano
You: and the guitar
You: now i cant play either
You: my life's over
You: and all because of one stupid red light..
Stranger: fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Stranger: yeh
Stranger: the driver
Stranger: is he in trouble
Stranger: by the police
You: of course
You: he stole my arm and leg :|

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