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domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Keep trying... you'll be the best... one day... one day

You: hi:D
Stranger: hello there!
You: where from?
Stranger: las vegas and you?
You: omg
You: portugal
Stranger: asl
You: do you play online?
You: or just go down to a casino?
You: 32 m
Stranger: umm i cant gamble yet
You: wow
You: why not?
Stranger: lol u gotta be 21
You: in my country
You: we can bet children if we want
You: i lost my son in a poker game
You: but dude
You: i had a flush
Stranger: damn wtf
You: and the other guy
You: had a straight flush
You: what are the odds?
You: the good thing is
You: he's the one paying for my son's education:D
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