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Publicidade Institucional: putas everywhere (não é a casa dos segredos, não)

quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Out Of Gas

フィリペ says (20:36):
*i know a girl so fat
*that she fell in love and broke it xD
Jorge says (20:36):
*she jumped in the air and got stuck ?
Jorge says (20:37):
フィリペ says (20:37):
*awesome xD
Jorge says (20:37):
*imma blog that shit xD
フィリペ says (20:37):
*that girl
フィリペ says (20:38):
*when she went to the cinema, she sat close to...
*everyone xD
Jorge says (20:38):
フィリペ says (20:52):
*when i asked that girls weigh and she told me,i had to say "i asked your weight, not your phone number"

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