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domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymnoceros

beatriz o'neill says (23:27):
*i'm beatriz, pleasure's all yours
Jorge says (23:27):
*indeed it is : D
Jorge says (23:28):
*your good at giving other people pleasure, i see..
beatriz o'neill says (23:28):
*yes i am, thanks for the complement
Jorge says (23:29):
*dont mention it.. its good to be good at your job : D
beatriz o'neill says (23:29):
*yes it is! it's good to see other people enjoying it :D
Jorge says (23:29):
*and paying you for it : D
*: P
beatriz o'neill says (23:30):
*yes, well, we all need money right
Jorge says (23:30):
*not the ones who pay
*those just need some atention :\
beatriz o'neill says (23:30):
*don't care how it gets here
Jorge says (23:30):
*dont matter the input ?
*income * (A)
beatriz o'neill says (23:31):
*hey do you know who came for me last night?
Jorge says (23:31):
*who ?
beatriz o'neill says (23:32):
*your father, poor little guy
Jorge says (23:32):
*oh, thats right, he told me
*said you were the best in the business...
*guess you have a lot of experience..
*and also that u were the cheapest..
beatriz o'neill says (23:35):
*oh no, you're totally wrong, he gave me a lot of money.. guess he stole for your mother though.. oh your father don't need experience, he just needs what your mum can't give to him..
Jorge says (23:36):
*but u can.. in such an early age.. seems your father didnt just teach you to write when u were small.. is he a catholic priest, by any chance ?
beatriz o'neill says (23:37):
*i don't know, go ask your mum, she must know better than me
Jorge says (23:38):
*yeah.. she goes to church..
beatriz o'neill says (23:39):
*yeah i know that.. i guess everyone knows that
Jorge says (23:39):
*i imagine the toys your father gave you..
*buzz lightyear ! to infinity and beyond!
*if u know what i mean ...
beatriz o'neill says (23:40):
*hey do you wanna know a secret?
Jorge says (23:40):
*do i have to pay ?
beatriz o'neill says (23:40):
*well.. now that you mention it..
*no, jk
*do you?
Jorge says (23:41):
*sure, why not..
beatriz o'neill says (23:41):
*do you promise that you don't tell anybody?
Jorge says (23:42):
*i do
beatriz o'neill says (23:43):
*you're a bitch. oh wait, that's not a secret.. good to talk to you though.
Jorge says (23:44):
*haha, nice one d:

Jorge says (0:25):
*its no secret cuz ur mum didnt keep her mouth shut.. as usual'

That's what i would have said if she hadnt asked to let her win !

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